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martes, 12 de julio de 2011

I was putting up the expectation that people would understand that I was a victim of this regretful act
These tears will never end the sins, I
Try and hide, I will always bear that pain
Trapped here in this maze of emotion, who is it I'm waiting for?
Don't know what, but I'm running from something
Is it reality?
We live for something, some sort of purpose
But I seem to have forgotten it in the dead of the night, yeah
My tactless words proved the way I handled things wasn't right
And now I've no place to return
Is it too early, this part of my life, to forget all those memories? (Im on the way)
Why is it so hard to Just accept all of the pain inside?

7 comentarios:

  1. si tengo un libro publicado se llama DECLIVE DE AMOR, espero este año que salga el segundo



  2. tus fotos son genialess, i tu pelo ♥♥♥
    cada vez qe leo Versalles en tu perfil, es muy el palacio de Versalles en Francia ♥♥♥ (mi obsesión con ése país aumenta) jaja

  3. Linnnda que sos Lu, me encanta esa foto aunque es media triste.

  4. estoyansioso por leer una nueva actualización tuya


  5. esas medias rotas dan un toque punk a tu outfit,antes me odiaba que se me rompan,ahora casi que me gusta jajaj